ATV controller mainboard


I did a total redesign of the I2C PLL controller software.
The new software uses the Wire library instead of the bit-banging method which also allows me to use the I2C bus for extra options.
The result is this new micro controller board that still fits nice underneath the 2×16 LCD display print:

PLL Controller

I2C bus to connect the pll and to power the board (power supply 6.5 to 15 volt).
I2C bus to connect an PE4302 attenuator board (0 til 31.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps).
Programming interface to program the arduino (power-supply 5 volt only).
Power jumper to select power from I2C or TTL.
I/O bus for sequencer control.
Works with my default button board.
Works with the I2C attenuator board.


all outputs are 5 volt low power, Always use A transistor to switch A relay.

Menu options:

Attenuation (use optional PE4302 Attenuator board)
Step size
I2C adress
sequencer delay
PLL model
Clear EEprom

there are 4 buttons connected to the board to adjust the parameters.
Parameter up
Parameter down


Eagle schematic file
Eagle board file
arduino ino file

I can think of A lot of extensions and off-cause also other options to use this hardware and software, for example A repeater without the lcd and button control, just 1 steady frequency send to the receivers and transmitters (maybe even add Ethernet for remote control). Please let us now if you use alter or rebuild this project or if you need support.

Version 1 is still available on this link for people using the older version.


All software is distributed under the GNU/GPL licence.
All hardware and designs are distributed under a Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5.