Video router mainboard


I read an article in DATV magazine about an video router by PA3WEG.
The video part is build around the FMS6501 SMD video matrix IC.
From his idea I build this video router with an Atmel 328 as controller and Arduino software.

videorouter photo


Menu options:

In the default startup screen you can select the output channels 1-9 with the first 2 button.
With the second 2 buttons you can select the input channel 1-12 that has to be connected to the output channel.
The last button is to confirm your selection.


If you hold the confirm button more than 5 seconds you go to the changename menu.
Here you can select and change all the input and output names.


All the data is stored in the internal EEprom of the microcontroller. So the next time you cold start the video router it remembered the input and output names and the input channels you connected.


schematic image
board image
eagle schematic
eagle board
arduino software


All software is distributed under the GNU/GPL licence.
All hardware and designs are distributed under a Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5.